Ryobi Impact Driver Power Tools: Review

When you search through all DIY forums, you’ll find a mixed bag of opinions about Ryobi power tools. Many people will tell you not to buy anything from Ryobi and instead buy a tool that costs five times as much. But isn’t the price the sole reason you’re considering Ryobi? Ryobi has made significant progress in recent years, manufacturing over 125 products, Ryobi impact driver, that all use their superior 18-volt lithium-ion batteries—as usual, opening in a new tab is part of their One Plus System.

Despite these advancements, many industry specialists avoid Ryobi, claiming that they aren’t worth their low price. So, what really is the situation? Boat Diaries is here to review the Ryobi Tool to put your mind at ease and help you decide whether or not to invest. As a review, we manage to include everything that you need to know about Ryobi power tools, both good and bad.

The Good Features of Ryobi Power Tools

1.) Design

Their lightweight and compact design will suit any home user. Someone that isn’t used to handling power tools for hours at a time can find using power tools cumbersome. Ryobi has done a great job ensuring that won’t happen to you.

2.) Price

You’re, first and foremost, considering getting a Ryobi tool because of the price, and there’s no doubt you’ll save money. Other well-known brands like DeWalt, Makita, and Milwaukee are typically 30-50 percent more expensive than a comparable Ryobi tool.

3.) Battery

One of Ryobi’s greatest selling features is that the batteries in all of their One+ power and garden tools are interchangeable. Their batteries are compatible with Ryobi One+ products dating back to 1996. And the business believes it will never change its battery platform. Ryobi has improved the user experience in recent years by moving to lithium-ion batteries rather than the traditional nickel-cadmium (NiCd) technology.

4.) Products

Ryobi’s product line includes over 125 items. Seed spreaders and grass floor sweepers are among their items, which vary from the essential to familiar garden tools and the somewhat more special tools (i.e. used for specific purposes). Here’s the list of popular selling items from Ryobi:

  • Drilling operator
  • Drill with a hammer
  • Drill with SDS+
  • Ryobi impact driver
  • Impact Wrench
  • Drill at an angle
  • Miter saws that are used to cute miter joints
  • Saw with a circular blade
  • Saw with a reciprocating blade
  • Jigsaw
  • Planer
  • Multitool
  • Grinder
  • Tile Cutter
  • Sander for RO
  • Sander for Corners

5.) One+ System

The Ryobi One+ Battery system is a great reason to invest in the Ryobi brand. Enhanced 18-volt lithium-ion batteries power every One+ product over 25 years old and are chargeable with a single type of charger. The same battery you always use for all of your products will ensure that you keep it charged because you’ll be using it so frequently. You won’t have to wait six hours when you finally find the energy to hang things that have been bugging you about for the past six months.

The Bad Features of Ryobi Power Tools

1.) Durability

If you’ve ever picked up a Ryobi tool, you’ll immediately realize the difference between it and leading brands like DeWalt or Makita. Because of their fragility, comments like It seems like a toy are prevalent. These tools were never planned to be used by professionals and are aimed for a DIYer or beginner. If you want to make it last for the next ten years, you’ll have to pay a premium. 

2.) Brushed Motors

Only 27 of Ryobi’s 125 or so items have brushless motors. This is something you won’t see from the major manufacturers of brushless motors.

3.) Batteries

The majority of customers report that their batteries fail within the first year. As a result of replacing the battery so frequently, many people believe Ryobi is a waste of money in the long run. Their smaller 1.5Ah battery is something you’ll want to avoid, but larger batteries might get pricey. We recommend the 4.0Ah battery since it offers excellent value for money compared to the slightly bigger 5.0Ah battery on Amazon.

4.) Quality

When you shop around, you’ll find some fantastic prices, particularly with Bosch. They may even be less expensive. Unless you’re on a strict budget, will be using it only once a year, or want to take advantage of their One+ System, it would be best to shop around. 

Top 3 Ryobi Tools

Ryobi’s multitools and kits are well-known. According to this list, the following tools are some of the company’s absolute best tools. They are both inexpensive and durable.

Ryobi P343 Cordless Multi-Tool

The P343 is a cordless multitool from Ryobi that includes the P570 and P246 heads. P343 cordless multitool is sold as a bare tool, so you’ll need to purchase a battery to use it. The unit comes with a large number of options making it feature-rich. What’s great about this item is that you’re getting one tool that can accomplish many different things. You can quickly transfer heads from one use to the next since Ryobi allows you to swap different heads for different jobs.

The following are just a handful of the numerous tasks that this instrument and all of its attachments may help you with:

  • Sand Furniture
  • Clear Group
  • Cut plastic, wood, and drywall

Ryobi understands that you may prefer other attachments and accessories from different manufacturers, and the P343 can also utilize them. Rigid brands are a perfect fit for this model and allow you to use them easily. This multitool is quick and effective, and you can use it right out of the box if you have a battery to power it. Overall, this is a good tool that might serve as the foundation for a number of the sander and saw attachments.

Ryobi P884 Contractor’s Kit

The P884 is a contractor’s kit, which means you’ll be able to get a variety of tools in one convenient package. Because all of the tools are from Ryobi, you’ll have to deal with one person if you need to return them or call in a warranty to have them serviced or replaced. Two P120 lithium-ion batteries are included, which offer 1.3 amps of power per hour and are designed to be lightweight. Because of the reduced weight, you may confidently operate the power tools above or in various postures without becoming fatigued.

Ryobi created this collection of power tools to make it as simple as possible for homeowners and contractors to choose the instruments they need for most jobs. Instead of purchasing a high-priced single, too, you pay a little more for three items and save a substantial amount of money. The battery depends on the work, the tool you’re using, and the amount of work you’re doing. However, you’ll be pleased to learn that you can recharge the battery in only 20 minutes. Ryobi even supplied a carry bag in which you can store all of your tools for easy transport.

Ryobi’s Portable Inflator

Using the ONE+ battery system, you may use the portable inflator with any of the ONE+ power sources using the ONE+ battery system, making it even more convenient to utilize all of Ryobi’s equipment. This unit is small enough to strap to your bicycle and can work on basketballs and footballs as well as bicycle or automobile tires. A storage container has been integrated within the unit to house all items, including your bits and nozzles. 

Inflation takes only a few minutes, depending on the tire you want to inflate. You can immediately inflate lawn mower tires or a ball, but you’ll have to wait for truck tires. It can take a long time to inflate larger tires that are completely flat. If you plan on inflating a truck tire frequently, you may want to invest in a more powerful tire inflator. Otherwise, this is a fantastic backup tool that will last you years and will come in handy when you need it. We doubt you’ll use this gadget on a weekly or even monthly basis, but if your ball or tires deflates, it’s a quick and easy way to re-inflate it.

Final Takeaway

It all comes down in how much you’re going to utilize it in the end. If you’re using the tool every day for eight hours, your poor little Ryobi isn’t up to the job. Having quality product tools like DeWalt or Makita will get you through an eight-hour a day of run time. You can’t go wrong with it if it’s for the occasional project around the house or for the DIY enthusiast who likes to tinker in the shed for a few hours a week.

Just remember to keep your expectations in check.

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