Which One is Better Cordless Drill: DEWALT vs. METABO

More than a few times in life, you’re likely to stumble across various items that can use to property improvement. If you’re a DIY enthusiast, you already know that tools are useful, but some of them are tough to use. You must think of the best decision possible when determining which one is better? The essential aspect of any DIY project is ensuring that you have the correct tools for the job. It’s always a good idea to determine the most recent tool evaluations on Boat Diaries to ensure you’re getting the best tools.

And among these are the power and hand tools, which are two of the most prevalent varieties. Although these two common, it is still critical to consider your needs, preferences, and even the reason you intend to use the tool when deciding which is the appropriate one for you. Surely, you can use these tools more effectively if you have a thorough understanding of them. It’s crucial to have the right skills in using any tools not only to guarantee their optimal performance, but also to prevent any accidents to occur.

Today, we’ll be reviewing the talk(s) of the town regarding their user-friendly features and quality. Presenting, the DEWALT 20V MAX XR Cordless Drill and the METABO CORDLESS 18V HAMMER DRILL.

DEWALT 20V MAX XR Cordless Drill Review

DeWalt has been on a roll in recent years, releasing new cordless tools that have quickly risen to the top. Cordless drills and impact drivers are omnipresent, and new ones seem to be released every week. The new DeWalt 20V MAX XR Drills and Impact Drivers are no different. They’re tiny models, which means they have to make a trade-off between portability and power.

The new DeWalt DCD791 1/2 Drill has a 27 percent higher power rating than the previous model. DeWalt DCD791 1/2 Drill is also shorter, lighter, and has more power than its predecessor. It’s the only cordless drill that has numerous LED light settings, including a 60-lumen spotlight that allows usage even on low-light conditions for almost 20 minutes.

The only difference between the DeWalt DCD796 Hammer Drill and the new DCD791 Compact Drill is the hammer mechanism, which can deliver up to 34,000 blows per minute. The Dewalt DCF887 is designed to compete with the industry’s best 18/20V Max impact drivers. It has a 17 percent boost in power over the previous generation, with a maximum torque of 1825 inch pounds and 3250 RPM. 

DeWalt has also created Precision Drive, which protects the fastener and the material surface by delaying the impact mechanism for 1 second before engaging it. The new DeWalt 20V MAX XR Drills feature more powerful brushless motors that deliver up to 30% faster application speeds, which comes as no surprise. The ergonomics have also been improved. Despite their compact size, the DeWalt 20V MAX XR Drills and Impact Drivers are rated for heavy-duty use with improved durability.


The Metabo Cordless 18V Drill and Hammer Drill show their dedication to great build quality and durability, but do they have the speed and torque to compete with more popular brands today? In the United States, Metabo has a small following, primarily among metalworking trades. When you examine how far these two drills have progressed, it’s clear that they’re working on them with focus.

The Metabo 602355620 Cordless 18V Hammer Drill is identical to its other use, except for the hammer mechanism. They stand out in terms of features. Metabo has created a tool that is quite versatile and covers a lot of ground that other drills don’t. Everything we’ve said about the drill applies to the hammer drill as well. The concrete testing findings are the only ones particular to the hammer drill.

Instead of blister buttons or a straight-up mechanical clutch collar, like other Metabo cordless tools, there’s a dial above the battery to alter settings. Like other tools, the 3-speed gear shift is located on the top of the tool. The impulse mode on this Metabo 602355620 Cordless 18V Drill aids in the removal of broken screws and spot-drilling on flat surfaces. It operates by pulsing power to the drill to maintain a steady RPM ebb and flow. Because there is no impact, it is significantly milder than the violence of an impact mechanism. Simply, turn the slider below the lowest torque level to activate this mode.

The 1/2 chuck is all-metal and keyless, and you can remove it from the drill body to reveal a spindle with a hex recess. Working with driver bits is possible without having to fiddle with the chuck. This removable chuck/hex spindle system includes a right-angle 1/4 hex, 1/4 offset drill, 1/4 hex bit holder, and torque multiplier. The handle comprises several sections for more reasons than just saving space. And when used at a low speed, the PowerX3 produces a bone-crushing 3186 in-lbs of torque on these Heavy-Duty Metabo Cordless 18B Drills.

Precautionary Measurement

Wear the appropriate safety equipment to reduce the risk of accidents related to the use of these two powerful tools. Before using these two, make sure you have on your safety goggles, boots, gloves, helmet, and any other protective gear. Make a first-aid box ready in your work location in case of an emergency. It is always important to be prepared than to be caught off guard.

Final Takeaway

Remember that power tools can make your work easier and faster. You will not only complete your assignment in a shorter amount of time if you use the appropriate equipment, but you will also find that your work is more pleasurable. So, if you’re looking for advice on how to utilize power tools and how to use them, visit boatdiaries.com and see our reviews for various drillers!

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