Best Waterproofing Tape

Best Waterproofing Tape

When you are working on or around water with your boat, one of the most important things that you can have in your toolbox is waterproofing tape.

Not only can it help to protect important areas from getting wet and damaged, but it can also provide a means of repairing damage in an emergency. 

Because waterproofing tape is such an important item to have with you when you are using your boat, it is a good idea to know which brands and products are the best on the market.

For peace of mind, you need to be able to trust that the product you are using is going to do the job properly and last long enough. In this article, we will look at the best waterproofing tape that you can add to your boating toolbox. 

8 Best Waterproofing Tapes To Try

Black All-Weather Gorilla Tape

Gorilla is a well-known brand that instantly instills a level of confidence in people. Gorilla products are renowned for their superior strength and durability.

The Black All-Weather Gorilla Tape is a heavy-duty product that has double the thickness of other Gorilla tapes. This provides an extra layer of protection for your boat or equipment.

The double layer also helps to protect the tape from wear and tear caused by weather conditions. 

One of the best things about this particular waterproof tape is that it works well on rough, uneven surfaces as well as smooth ones. This makes the tape very versatile.

Gorilla states that this tape can withstand UV rays which means that it won’t weaken when it is exposed to the sun.

It can also withstand extreme temperatures which can be useful for repairs that are exposed to external weather or that are near machinery. 


  • The double thickness makes the tape much more durable
  • Gorilla is a trusted brand
  • Works on multiple types of surfaces


  • Sticky residue can be left behind when the tape is removed

Crystal Clear Gorilla Repair Tape

Another great option for waterproof tape from Gorilla is the Crystal Clear Gorilla Repair Tape. This is a great product if you are concerned about the aesthetics of seals or repairs that you need to make.

The clear tape is also great for repairing any damage that you want to keep an eye on. This can be useful for emergency repairs. 

As with the other Gorilla tape that we mentioned above, the Crystal Clear Repair Tape is able to withstand extreme temperatures on both ends of the scale. It is also resistant to UV rays so it won’t become weak or brittle when it is exposed to sunlight.

Despite the double thickness of this tape, it features a notched edge which makes it easier to tear from the roll. This makes it a great product for emergency repairs and sealing. 


  • Clear tape allows you to monitor damage
  • The notched edge makes it convenient to use
  • The stiff structure of tape avoids sticking to itself when torn off the roll


  • Some users report that the clear tape isn’t as strong as the black tape

X-Treme Self-Fusing Tape

The X-Treme Self-Fusing Tape is another well-known tape brand that offers superior hold and waterproofing.

This particular tape is made from a silicone formula which helps make it more waterproof and water resistant. The silicone formula also helps make the tape even more durable and stronger than plastic alternatives. 

The adhesive on this particular brand of tape is superior to most other tapes on the market.

It is able to adhere to any surface and creates a strong seal. The tape has been through extensive testing and can handle temperatures up to 500 degrees Fahrenheit.

This means that it can withstand being exposed to the sun for a prolonged period of time without becoming brittle. The tape has also been tested for resistance to weather elements including wind, rain, and snow.


  • The silicone formula provides extra strength and water resistance
  • The strong adhesive adheres to multiple surfaces
  • Strong weather resistance capabilities


  • The tape needs to be set for a while before it is waterproof. Not good for emergency repairs.

Scotch Waterproof Colored Tape

Another well-known tape brand is Scotch. Although you may associate this brand with gift wrapping, it also produces a range of really strong waterproof tape.

These rolls of tape are much thinner and smaller than the others that we have looked at so far. They are perfect for small repairs or sealing small areas to prevent water damage. 

The different colors of the rolls of tape are perfect for color-coding things around your boat and your equipment.

With this waterproof tape, you can expect the same level of adhesion that you get from other Scotch products. This tape would be perfect for smaller uses inside your boat or for personal equipment rather than larger repairs. 


  • A well-known and trusted brand name
  • Different colored tape in a single pack for color-coding
  • Incredibly adhesive tape with a plethora of uses.


  • Difficult to tear without scissors which can be inconvenient

T-Rex Ferociously Strong Tape

Sometimes all you need is the name of a product to be sold on it. The T-Rex Ferociously Strong Tape is just such a product.

This is a premium quality product that boasts additional strength under tension. The outer layer of the tape is designed to be used in all types of weather including rain and high winds. 

Ferociously Strong Tape is able to adhere to multiple types of surfaces when applied correctly the tape creates a strong bond between the waterproof adhesive and the surface.

This tape is suitable for use inside and outside your boat and on equipment.

You can also use it to create seals over gaps to prevent water damage from occurring. The tape features heavy-duty knit cloth which provides additional strength to the tape. 


  • Additional strength under tension
  • Heavy-duty knit cloth provides extra durability
  • Waterproof adhesive can withstand all weathers and conditions


  • The tape needs time to set or have heat applied to stick firmly

Rescue Tape Self-Fusing Silicone Tape

If you are looking for a smaller roll of waterproof tape that can stand up to the wear and tear of all weather conditions, Rescue Tape Self-Fusing Silicone Tape is ideal.

The tape is made from a silicone formula that is designed to fuse to a multitude of surfaces in such a way to create an airtight and watertight seal. 

The small roll makes it super convenient to pack on trips and have in personal bags or pockets for easy access. The Rescue Tape has been specifically designed to work in environments where water is prevalent.

This makes it the perfect tape to take with you on boat trips and other outings involving water. This is a particularly great brand to use for emergency repairs as it is convenient and can adhere to wet surfaces. 


  • Convenient sized roll for ease of storage
  • Can adhere to wet surfaces for emergency repairs
  • Silicone formula provides superior water resistance. 


  • A significant amount of the tape is needed for high pressure leaks

3M All-Weather Duct Tape

This All-Weather Duct Tape from 3M has been specifically designed to work in outdoor environments that are exposed to the elements. This makes it the perfect choice to keep on your boat.

The adhesive of this tape has been formulated to be able to adhere to a wide variety of surfaces and withstand the majority of weather conditions. 

The All-Weather Duct Tape is particularly good at adhering to surfaces that are exposed to water. The adhesive that is used on the tape is designed to make a water tight bond with the surface.

This can effectively seal leaks, gaps, and other types of damage that can occur on a boat. This tape is great for emergency repairs and for more long term solutions to gaps and waterproofing. 


  • Creates a watertight seal with multiple surface types
  • Specifically designed to work with surfaces exposed to water
  • Can be used for emergency repairs and long term repairs


  • The tape leaves a stubborn residue when removed from surfaces

Better Boat Waterproof Tape

This water proof tape from Better Boat is a premium boat care product that has been specifically designed to be used on boats to create a permanent water tight seal. The tape can adhere to wet or dry surfaces with a variety of textures.

One of the most impressive things about this waterproofing tape is that it has underwater hold capabilities. This means that this tape can be used on leaks and repairs all over your boat and equipment.

This roll of tape is also extra wide. This means that it is possible to use less tape to cover larger leaks and gaps on your boat.

The tape can also be cut into thinner pieces to deal with smaller holes. Because of the texture of the surface of this tape, it is easy to paint over if you are using it for repairs to the outside of your boat. 


  • Creates a permanent water tight seal
  • The tape has underwater hold capabilities
  • The surface of the tape can be easily painted over


  • The clear tape can turn white in water which some people don’t like

Buyer’s Guide

Best Waterproofing Tape

The type of waterproofing tape that you purchase will ultimately depend on the type of job that you need it for.

With that being said, there are some things that you should consider when looking for waterproofing tape. Below is a brief buyer’s guide to help you make the right purchase for your needs. 

Color Of The Tape

This might seem like a purely aesthetic thing, and sometimes it might be. However, there are sometimes important reasons to consider the color of the waterproofing tape that you are purchasing. 

The most common colors for waterproofing tape to come in are black, white, and clear. These are the basic colors that are manufactured.

The choice between black and white waterproofing tape is likely to come down to preference or the color of the surface you will be using the tape on. However, clear tape can have more than just an aesthetic benefit.

If you are looking for a waterproofing tape to cover holes and other types of damage that may occur on your boat or equipment during a trip, clear tape can be especially helpful.

With clear waterproofing tape, you can keep a visual on the damage to see if it is getting any worse. 

Colored tape such as red, blue, or green can also be useful. These tapes are useful for color-coding areas of your boat that need to have a water tight seal.

The different colors can be used to represent different types of seal. For example, red tape can be used to seal electrical boxes and other important instruments. 

Width Of The Tape

The width of the roll of tape is also something that should be taken into account when shopping for waterproofing tape.

There are two main reasons why the width of a roll of tape should be important to you when you are looking for the right one. 

If you are looking for a waterproofing tape that is ideal for repairing larger gaps and damage in your boat, you will need to find a roll of tape that is wide enough to cover the space that you need.

While it is possible to use thinner tape for large holes by overlapping multiple strips, this does leave more room for water to seep in through edges. 

Alternatively, if you only need tape to seal small gaps and holes, a wide roll of tape will be inconvenient and wasteful. For this, you will need thinner tape that is more suited to the size of the gaps that you have. 

Another reason why the width of the tape is important is storage. No matter what type of boat you own, storage space is often limited. The wider a roll of tape is, the harder it is to store in limited space.

Sometimes, you might have to make the choice between tape that is wide enough for the job you need to do and tape that will fit in your kit or boat. 

Material Of The Tape

Another element of waterproofing tape that you should consider is the material that it is made from. For the most part, waterproof tape is either made from plastic or silicone. Each of these materials offer its own benefits 

Waterproof tapes that are made of plastic are often cheaper and easier to tear from the roll. They are often reinforced with threading or knit cloth to make sure that they are durable enough for outside use. 

Tape that is made from a silicone formula, however, is often much stronger and naturally more durable than plastic tape. There also seems to be a trend for silicone-based tapes to be self-fusing.

This type of tape can create a much stronger and more water tight seal than plastic-based. This is because, when the tape is stretched or pulled taut, it seals itself to create a perfect water and air tight seal.

The downside to using silicone tape is that it often requires scissors or a blade to cut the piece you want which can be inconvenient. 

Texture Of The Tape

Something that is often overlooked when people are buying waterproofing tape is the texture of the outer layer of the tape. In many cases, this is something that isn’t overly important.

However, there are some cases when the texture of the tape that you buy might be a necessary consideration. 

There are a couple of situations where the texture of the tape may be important. An example of this may be whether the area that is being tapped up needs to have a certain level of grip.

This applies to surfaces that will be walked on and surfaces that will be gripped for use or support. For these areas, a tape that has a significantly textured surface is ideal. 

Another example of a situation where the texture of waterproofing tape can be important is if it is being used on a surface that requires painting.

If you are using waterproofing tape on such a surface, the less texture it has, the better the finish will be. A smooth silicone tape can be great for this as the paint is more likely to adhere to it than plastic. 

Frequently Asked Questions

What Is Waterproofing Tape?

Waterproofing tapes are tapes that are designed to be waterproof. Not only are these tapes designed to be waterproof, they are also designed to increase the industrial strength of things. Due to the chemical structure of these tapes, they are totally waterproof, which is why they are commonly used outdoors. 

Does Waterproofing Tape Work?

Generally, yes, waterproofing tape does work. When used correctly, this tape can last for up to 5 years in outdoor conditions so it is very effective and durable.

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