Life Hack: 5 Best DIY with Drill

Many people improvise things for cleaning, cooking, and other everyday chores, a life hack. We have been the masters of improvisations and resourcefulness ever since. People do not only see a t-shirt or a piece of cloth, but also as a filter to drink water from springs, rivers, and fountains. There is simply no denying that we can use just about anything for DIY hacks. After all, isn’t it human nature to see a problem and find an immediate solution by utilizing readily available resources? And one tool that can further help us in making life (home life to be exact) easier is a drill.

A drill is a power tool, hand tool, or machine used to make holes. It has a rotating tip that you can change between a hammer or a chisel. A drill can produce a hole if there’s none, or you can extend the width of the hole just by using this. But how can a drill be useful for cleaning, cooking, and ordinary day chores? Read on to find out.

Kitchen Mixer

How can a drill be turned into an electric mixer? With some recipes, mixing by hand is hard. An electric device to mix ingredients powered by electricity is called an electric mixer. A drill can be useful not only in drilling holes to hang your picture frame, but it can also be useful in the kitchen! Just by putting a fork to the tip of the driller, it can be turned out as an electric mixer. You can use Ryobi Drill Set Bundle with this one.
The steps are easy:

  • Open the chuck
  • Put the end of a fork in it.
  • Tighten the chuck
  • Ready to use!

It’s so easy, right? Mix mix mix! You can use it to mix cream in creating, for example, a chocolate cream pie, and you can also beat an egg using this. Many things you can do with this improvised electric mixer. 

You can even use it to mix your favorite milkshakes or vegetable salad. If you’re craving for some mashed potato, the drill-o-lator is ready for that! It can whip a perfect mashed potato for your movie snack time with friends. If you want to impress your mother-in-law who is visiting and have no tools, use this improvised mixer to shred chicken, turkey, beef, or pork for a wonderful dinner meal. The mixer is also perfect for creating desserts, such as candies, pies, and cakes.

Improvised Rope

How awesome is this? You can make a rope with the help of a drill. Imagine creating an actual self-made rope. Now that’s some DIY hack right there! You can do that with some grocery plastic bags and a drill. Simply follow these steps:

  • First, cut the plastic bags into strips.
  • Ensure that the plastic bag strips have the same length and width for a uniform view.
  • Put a hook or S-shaped metal to the end of the drill
  • Put the plastic bag strips to the hook.
  • Twist!

If you’re not yet satisfied with the size of the rope, you can add more plastic bags to it to form a thick-looking rope. You can also braid the twisted plastic bags to create one whole super-strong rope. Right two strands: Pass the right strand over the left, left two strands: pass the right strand over the left, and lastly, middle two strands: pass the left strand over the right. After each braiding sequence, pull the braid tight and then repeat. Determine your desired length and add some if you’re still unsatisfied. Some say that using a Milwaukee 2801-21P M18 18-Volt Lithium-Ion Compact Brushless Cordless with this one is the perfect match. Tying a square knot at the rope’s end and trim all the loose ends to finish the rope.

Scrub Brush

Tired of scrubbing your dirty bathroom? Or so worked up in cleaning the tiles in your living room? Don’t have the right equipment to clean them all? Worry no more because a drill can be used as a scrub to brush away all of your problems! Brush attached to a drill is the most popular DIY hack you can do with a drill. All the equipment you need for this to work are:

  • A cordless drill
  • Plier
  • Soap dispensing palm brush refill
  • 4″ carriage bolt
  • Flat washer
  • Hex nut

The Holikme 4Pack Drill Brush Power Scrubber Cleaning Brush is best for cleaning grout because of the flexibility it possesses. Manually scrubbing grout could be tiring and may cause numbness to arms. Place the bolt through the replacement brush so that it protrudes from the brush’s back. After that, add a washer and a nut to the bolt. To make sure the brush doesn’t come free while you’re using it, screw the nut onto the bolt and then tighten it against the brush using pliers. And voila! That’s it.

Power for Vehicles

Previously, we looked at how to clean a toilet or grout. There is, however, a more thrilling method to use a drill aside from DIY projects. DEWALT 20V Max Cordless Drill / Driver Kit, Compact, 1/2-Inch (DCD771C2) is the tool utilized to provide the power that moves a car in this scenario. This is more challenging work than the ones we’ve looked at, but it’s easy to figure out how to perform it online. Everything’s critical to get it just right because the bike may travel quickly without needing to peddle. In cordless drills, there are two types of motor to choose from:

  • Brushed motors
  • Brushless motors

While these two types of motors are conceptually identical, they are drastically different in performance and control because they use different components to achieve vastly different results.

  1. Cordless drills with brushed motors are cheap and dependable, and the cordless drill can offer a high torque or inertia ratio. A carbon brush and a commutator that revolves on a shaft physically linked to the motor rotor drive a brushed motor.
  2. In general, Brushless drills and power tools are more expensive than their equivalents, as you’ve probably seen. Brushless motors are up to 70% more efficient than brushed motors, meaning that more of the total power required by the motor is turned into rotational force rather than being wasted as heat.
  3. The rotor of a DC brushless motor is a permanent magnet that houses the stator, which results in higher efficiency. The opposing poles are attracted when each coil is charged, resulting in an electromagnetic field.
  4. Because there is no friction during this operation, the motor produces a lot of torque while being quieter than a brushed motor.

Fruit and Vegetable Peeler

This is by far the most entertaining hack on the list! To begin, bite into the core of the fruit or vegetable with a pre-washed screw set in the drill’s chuck. Hold your peeler against the skin of the fruit or vegetable and start drilling! You will easily remove the skin with the peeler. Before moving on to the next thing, you need to back out the screw first. This hack is great for items like apples, where the core is tougher and won’t be eaten, but you can use it on just about everything. You may, for example, replace the screw with a threaded plastic drywall anchor, which will bite deeper into a softer core. BLACK+DECKER 20V MAX Cordless Drill is the best equipment for fruit and vegetable peelers.

For some of the best techniques by far, these are the best ones to follow:

  • With your hand, firmly plant the drill’s base against the table.
  • Maintain a straight line between the drill bit and the table.
  • Slightly tilt the head of the peeler against the object you’re peeling.
  • From the item’s end, draw the peeler to the drill.

The following should not be done when using a drill:

  • Place the item you’re peeling against the edge of the table.
  • Adjust the drill’s angle.
  • Losing the grip of the chuck.
  • Not washing the screw in the drill’s chuck.

With the many things a drill can do with our fruits and vegetables, there will come a day that it will also be helpful with shellfish. Just remember to always maintain the cleanliness of the screws to avoid contamination and rust.

Final Takeaway

Convert your drills into an exciting tool that you can use for everything! From cleaning to cooking, you can add a motor to your vehicle as well to a drill’s endless use, a wonderful life hack.

Take care of your things, and they will perform their intended jobs and more. Cleaning your driller regularly and maintaining it is the best form of care you can give to your belongings or tools. Make sure to use it right and take care of them.

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